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Swiss National Champs 30/31-05-2014

In order to prepare EOC MTBO we (me, Piero and Giaime) decided to go to Switzerland for two national competition in Benken.
during the middle
In the forest we found a typical swiss terrain with a lot of very fast big road.

Saturday sviss cup middle

It was a quite flat course and it was important to ride fast. Soon after the start I understood that my navigations was not so fast, During the race I didn't have big mistakes but found a lot of hesitation and some bad route choices. Ended 2nd 1:40 behind Giaime.

Map with the course

Evening in Stein am Rehin

Sunday Swiss Long Championship

It was a  tough race with a lot of climb. About orienteering, my race was not perfect (lost 2 times 45 second  missing dotted paths and a1:30min because of bad route choice). Anyway physically I felt good so I could earn a lot of time on the long uphills and in the final part of the course. So I got the victory 5.02 in front of Giaime. 3rd spot went to Piero.

Map with the course

Now I have 1 week of rest before EOCMTBO in Portugal.

Here a small video warming up before the start with some tips to climb a stairs with the bike (rider Piero Turra)
Here some picsof Stein am Rein the village near the competitions center

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