lunedì 4 maggio 2015

World cup round 1 Vargesztes HUN 1-3/5 2015

The world cup season started. Before coming my goals were not so high but despite everything I managed to ride 3 stable races close to the top riders at the moment.

I 've never thought to get such a good mental shape only few weeks after my finger operations so I'm very surprised about the results I got there, expecially in the individual races.

Long mass start

On Friday there was the long distance mass start. The course was easy and the pace of the group was really high. I struggled a lot to keep the leading pace and in the end I lost some positions due to tiredness. Ended 13°-- 3.03min behind Jussi Laurila (FIN).

Full results

The long dinstance mass start PH

Middle distance

On Saturday the Middlle course was really muddy and a little bit more challenging technically. I rode all the time alone and despite my pace was not so high a no-maistake race let me hit the top ten with a 9 th place  2.49min behind  Baptiste Fuchs (FRA).

Full results

Mixed Relay

In the relay I was with Piero and Laura. Before the start we knew that our chances for top positions were poor so we put Piero on the women first leg then me and Laura in order to stay in the lead as much as possible and to get visibility to our sponsors according to our coach Ivan.  About me I was quite close to the best leg times. Piero did only half a race at high level and Laura is not totally recovered from her injury.We got a 7th nations place, nothing special.

Full results

after the last race, more pictures to come
Now I need some mental rest and some quality workouts beforte the next big event, Eurpean Championship in June in Portugal, for me the season is just started.

Video of the long distance

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