lunedì 12 ottobre 2015

Mtbo season over -- Middle champs + Long Ita Cup

The 2015 mtbo season is finally and officially over with two national races in the vineyards of Calliano.

After world championships I had a break in my trainings. I was really empty and I needed some weeks to rest with only easy trainings. My shape decresed but not so much.

On Saturday there was the italian middle championship. I won the title 5 seconds ahead of Giaime Origgi. In spite of this I'm really disappointed about my  performance. The map was difficult to read and my speed was simply too high, so I had a lot of small mistakes. In the end I was quite nervous and I lost the concentration when I caught Giaime and Piero. There I had a huge 4 minutes mistake.


interesting part of the long distance

The day after the final stage of the italian cup was held. It was a long distance, the course was nice with some interesting route choices. I started quite slow and this time I managed to have a solid race with a very good navigation. I got the victory 7 minutes ahead of Piero Turra. I'm happy to finish the season with a good race.


The day continued with a nice party organized by my club Gronlait O Team to celebrate the victory and the medals at world championship. My president did a very good job.

A short summary of the 2015 season
mtbo Races : 28
mtb Races  : 4
first race 25/04/2015
last race 11/10/2015

cutting the cake
Some friends of mine who decided to try mtbo at their first time

Big interest from regional newspapers

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